Unit Testing in C# using XUnit

Part of the .NET Foundation, xUnit.net is an open source unit testing tool for the .NET Framework (C#, F#, VB.NET, etc). xUnit.net works with ReSharper, CodeRush, TestDriven.NET and Xamarin. In this introduction tutorial video, Tim Corey reminds us that unit testing is an important tool for the C# developer, not only to make sure that the code works correctly, but also to influence the design of .NET programs so that they could be easily tested and understood after the code has been released in production. This video also introduced the Agile Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach to software development and unit testing. This video uses XUnit instead of NUnit or MSTest based upon his preference, but the techniques taught will apply to other C# unit testing tools.

Video source and project file download: https://iamtimcorey.com/unit-testing-resources/