Using SpecsFor.Mvc for Acceptance Testing

SpecsFor.Mvc is an open source tools that allows you to create automated acceptance tests using browser automation, meaning your entire application is tested from the UI all the way down to the database, exactly as a real user will use your application. However, unlike many other solutions which rely on recording actions or require you to learn a completely new framework and syntax, SpecsFor.Mvc uses familiar unit-testing tools and syntax.

There is no “record” mode. You write strongly-typed tests against your ASP.NET MVC controllers, action methods, and view models, and SpecsFor.Mvc takes care of translating your tests to the browser. This series of blog posts describe the features of SpecsFor.Mvc. The first post describes how to install and get started with the tool. The second post explains how to navigate around your application from SpecsFor.Mvc and at how to locate, populate, and submit forms. The third post shows how to create automated acceptance tests that verify expected data is displayed on a page. The fourth post discusses how to deal with application authentication.