WebdriverIO Nuts and Bolts

This talk presents everything you need to know to run a successful, stable and maintainable WebdriverIO open source browser and mobile testing tool for Node.js. Christian explains you everything from the basic concepts up to complex testing strategies you can do with WebdriverIO like frontend performance testing as well as complex browser interaction with Puppeteer.

There are thousand ways if not more how you can set up your automation testing environment. It is often crucial when it comes to stability and maintainability. While you can build a custom framework that fits your needs there are often already sophisticated setups or frameworks available that get you up and running very quickly. WebdriverIO is one of these frameworks that is written in Node.js. It gets you up and running within minutes and allows you to scale up your test suite while maintaining your execution time by running tests in parallel. With its huge project community, it is an ideal choice for small as well as big projects that use modern frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue.js.

Video producer: http://seleniumcamp.com/

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