What Is Next for Functional QA Managers

With the rapid implementation of Agile development in most IT environments, the traditional roles of functional QA managers are changing. Testing is now the responsibility by the product team; day-to-day testing tasks and accountabilities are largely owned by the product team and defect status is discussed on a quick daily meeting. But yet all of the testing personnel report into the QA Manager from an organizational viewpoint. But what are the new responsibilities of the QA Manager if they are not responsible for any of the above? There are avenues for the traditional functional QA manager and they involve owning the quality, the release management principles, the technical solutions, a smaller testing operational team and advancement of new testing areas within the Agile lifecycle. This is different from how QA Managers have functioned before, but it is a transformation of their career putting them right in the middle and ahead of the curve in some cases as opposed to being left behind. Come join this highly interactive session to discuss this further.

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