Things to Remember When Writing Tests

April 28, 2015 0

Writing test should be part of the normal routine of every software developer. It is however not always the case. In his book ” Bad Tests, Good Tests”, Tomek Kaczanowski provides some interesting tips to improve your test writing activity.

Is Groovy Better for Testing than Java?

April 27, 2015 0

Two years ago, we introduced Spock tests into the MongoDB Java driver. The decision could be considered controversial – the project used no external dependencies in production code, and was 100% Java. But there was a back door… with Gradle as the build system, there was a tiny excuse to use Groovy in the project, provided it was not in the production code. That was all the excuse we needed to start using Spock for unit and later, integration tests.

Should You Test in Production ?

April 21, 2015 0

Although it could appear like a counterintuitive concept, the idea of performing software testing in production has gained more and more visibility in a software development world that aims for rapid delivery of new features and where it could be more and more difficult to reproduce the full complexity of applications in a separate environment. In this article, Marc van ’t Veer discusses the concept of testing in production and why it should be performed.

Testing in Production at Netflix

April 9, 2015 0

Every day, Netflix has more customers consuming more content on an increasing number of client devices. We’re also constantly innovating to improve our customers’ experience. Testing in such a rapidly changing environment is a huge challenge, and we’ve concluded that running tests in our production environment can often be the most efficient way to validate those changes.

Mobile Games Testing Approaches

April 7, 2015 0

Testing mobile games requires particular approaches as they can be played on multiple devices and OS versions. In this article, Ville-Veikko Helppi discusses the different approaches for mobile game testing, as well as infrastructural and architectural aspects of this activity.