Best Features to Look for in API Testing Tools

Testing is an important activity of the deployment an API. This article shares some tips on how to choose an API testing tool with the right features for your organization requirements of your APIs as well as your business processes.

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One of the most important software components in any application is the API layer. This is because it connects the client to a server and powers communication and the exchange of data between them. The API layer is also responsible for driving business processes and offering services that bring value to consumers.

When an organization deploys a customer facing API, the organization is supposed to treat the API as a product on its own. This is because if such an API has performance issues, it is going to not only risk the operations of a single application but the entire business operations in that organization.

Best Features to Look for in API Testing Tools

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API Testing

This is what makes API testing important. The right way to test an API depends on an organization’s requirements. However, proper API testing should be done at the integration or the service level. Organizations should make sure that they have a good set of unit tests to cover all the functions of the API.

API tests make the process of simplifying security, business logic, and compliance straightforward. They (API tests) are fast compared to other software tests and give a high return on investment since they ensure that business operations are not interrupted. There are different ways of testing APIs, ranging from manual to automated API testing. Similarly, different testing tools can be used to simplify the process.

Some tools can be used to automate the entire process and give reports on anything that does not meet its expectations. Other API testing tools come with features that allow testers to create customizations to match their requirements. Using testing tools is important since it eliminates the chances of human errors when testing APIs.

How to Choose an API Testing Tool

The testing tool adopted by an organization depends on the requirements of their APIs as well as their business processes. However, when choosing a testing tool, one needs to make sure that the tool that they choose comes with a number of features, among them;

Functionalities and Ease of Use

API testing tools should be easy to use for all testers. This means that a beginner should be able to hit the ground running with little training and test APIs without any difficulties. The tools should be visual and intuitive and offer all the functionalities needed to test the APIs without scripting. The tool should offer functionalities such as;

  • Automated validations and assertions.
  • Ability to conduct tests without scripting.
  • Testing that is driven by data.
  • Ability to re-use tests and test cases.
  • Rapid creating of tests and test cases.

Support for Different Technologies

Organizations need to make sure that they are using API testing tools that support all the required message protocols and data formats. Technology is advancing at a very fast rate, and we are seeing new technologies being adopted every day, while at the same time having old technologies still in use. This means that an API testing tool should support both old and modern technologies without any issues.

Optimized Workflows

The ability to customize and optimize your test workflows is a very important feature in any API testing tool. The right tool should come with intelligent features to automate and simplify everything you do every day. This includes things such as message flow, test creation, data formatting, and API integration. These workflows simplify and streamline the entire API testing process.


API testing tools should allow organizations to automate the entire process of API testing. This is important because organizations are able to conduct their test cases at a particular time or anytime when the tests are needed. The testing tools should also come with a command-line interface and a combination of all the APIs in the API layer. This allows organizations to conduct their tests as part of their integration and delivery process.

Test Management

Finally, organizations should look for API testing tools that allow them to manage the entire process of testing APIs. This is because it gets complicated when organizations are managing and maintaining all their test cases. They should get a tool that comes with mechanisms through which they can understand the API tests available to them and all their requirements. Such a tool will make the entire process easy for them.

API testing is a very important phase in the lifecycle of an API. It is also very beneficial to organizations building and implementing APIs. Organizations need to make sure that they are not only using the right tools when testing their APIs but also understanding how to effectively test the APIs. This plays a very crucial role when testing how successful an API is.

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