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Lessons Learned from Testability Failures

February 28, 2011 0

When the testability level of a project is not monitored, it can end up becoming a burden for the team. These testability problems usually add up in small steps, making them hard to detect if we do not make the effort to look for them.

How to Do Test Reviews

February 14, 2011 0

This video show how and why we should all be doing test reviews on our peer’s code. It talks about basic rules to look for in test code and reviews some of the tests of public open source projects.

Early Test Feedback by Test Prioritisation

February 3, 2011 0

It becomes difficult to modify legacy modules without breaking clients when software become more complex and the number of clients grows. Large scale regression testing takes a lot of resources. This video presents a testing approach that allows developers to select a set of tests that will testing as many integration points as possible but can be executed in a manageable amount of time.

State versus Interaction Testing

January 18, 2011 0

Mocking frameworks allow you to stub out behavior to perform tests of individual pieces of functionality. However, there are times when performing certain actions and assert a result is not sufficient. This video drills deep into unit testing and explains the differences between state and interaction–based testing. We will examine the role of stubs versus mocks and how to correctly write unit tests that are not fragile or counter–productive. Watch this streaming video from the Norwegian Developer Conference 2010

Testing: Why Don’t We Do It Like This?

November 20, 2010 0

Testing is a fundamental part of the Agile process. We live and breathe TDD/BDD. Red/Green/Refactor is our daily mantra. We love cucumber and writing executable, customer readable specifications. We even write tests for our JavaScripts.

Test-Driven JavaScript

November 6, 2010 0

Javascript becomes much more important to interactive website development then before (ok it has been for a while already) but the notion of testing that logic seems even further fetched then testing the code written in C#, Java. And this is something that is wrong as well.

Seven Key Success Factors for Agile Testing

October 18, 2010 0

Agile development approaches present unique challenges for testers and test teams. Working in short iterations, often with limited written requirements, agile development teams can leave traditional testers behind.

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