Test Management Forum, London, UK, January 31 2018

The Test Management Forum is a one-day conference on software testing that takes place in London. This afternoon event proposes several talks that explore all the aspect of software testing and software quality from Agile approaches to DevOps.

In the agenda of the Test Management Forum conference you can find topics like “Usability testing, a manual human test”, “The challenges of delivering performance for Agile and Continuous Delivery”, “Bringing quality and agility to startups”, “Agile delivery – Why does testing get left behind?”, “Exploratory learning – throwing away the slideware”, ” A hierarchy of Software Testing Measures and Metrics – Discuss?”, ” You’ve crowdsourced your hotel and your taxi, what about your testing?”, ” What’s all the fuss about DevOps?”, ” State of the Automation'”, “What’s so great about WebDriver?”.

Web site for the Test Management Forum conference: http://uktmf.com/

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