A Working Solution for Automated Software Testing

Current automated software testing (AST) tools and solutions are still riddled with numerous challenges. This article by Elfriede Dustin discusses the challenges involved in developing a custom automated software testing (AST) framework and provides some tips on how to address such challenges. It summarizes the author’s experience as part of the team that developed the Automated Test and Re-Test (ATRT) tool, now in use throughout Navy programs. Within this article you’ll find automated testing hints that can be useful nuggets as part of any automated testing effort.

Some of the tips contained in this article are:
* A combination of tools may provide an overall solution that no single tool can give. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match, including open source, commercial, and your own developed tools.
* If you can avoid GUI-based automated testing and cover most of your automated testing using message-based test automation via a protocol, your test maintenance will be minimal, but a small percentage of GUI testing still needs to take place.
* Use a flexible development environment so that you can tailor the tools and utilities to your specific needs.
* The purpose of automation is to serve testing. This can best be done by tailoring the automation so that the testers find it as easy as possible to use.
* The automation itself must be tested so we can have confidence in it.

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  1. So since Elfriede Dustin is the source for this article, where is her name in the credits?

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      This content is not an article by itself, but rather a pointer to an (interesting) article where the name of the author is mentioned. But you raise a good point and I will try to add the author name in my material in the future.

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