Example Mapping for Behavior Driven Development

When you use a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) approach, you are going to automated tests for Agile user stories base on acceptance criteria. Defining these acceptance criteria between the product owner, the developers and the software testers is not always an easy task and can create lengthy discussions. In his article, Matt Wynne presents example mapping as a new approach to define acceptance criteria.

The goal of an example mapping session is to create a common understanding of the requirements and a shared vocabulary between the product owner and the rest of the team. The example mapping conversation should discover the following items that are recorded on colored index cards:
* rules about examples and constraints
* questions about unresolved scenarios
* new user stories that are positioned out of the scope

The strength of this technique is to provide instant feedback and to limit the conversation to a time-box of about 25 minutes. Examples are not defined in the language of the BDD tool, but rather as a rough description.

Read the complete article on https://cucumber.io/blog/2015/12/08/example-mapping-introduction