JUnit 5 Parameterized

The possibilities to write parametrized tests have changed and improved a lot with the release of JUnit 5, the open source unit testing tool for Java. In his blog post “Using JUnit 5 Parameterized Tests, Argument Sources and Converters”, Micha Kops provides an overview covers all new types of parameter sources for JUnit 5 tests as well as the new conversion API for test arguments.

After explaining the setup to run the tests, Micha Kops provides a list of the available sources that may be used to feed JUnit tests with parameters. Each source is presented with some code examples. As JUnit allows to convert arguments to the target format we need in our tests, the blog post presents the two possible conversion types: implicit and explicit, with some examples. All the examples provided are available from the author’s Bitbucket repository.

Read the complete blog post on http://www.hascode.com/2017/08/parameterized-tests-with-junit-5/