Autify Announced $2.5 Million Financing

Autify software testing record and playback platform vendor announced a $2.5 million seed round led by Global Brain, SalesForce Ventures and Archetype Ventures, raising total capital to over $3 million. The funding will be used in part to support the company’s global and U.S.expansion.

Autify claims to address the lack of software testing engineers, exacerbated by today’s faster release cycle, by allowing anyone to automate testing – no coding required. In addition, by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to maintain test scenarios, Autify want to solve the modern maintenance challenges of software testing asserts. Since coming out of beta in March 2019, Autify has had 100’s of companies request demos – ranging from leading global companies in industries ranging from banking to insurance to automobile manufacturing.

To create a test scenario, Autify’s Chrome browser extension records a user’s interactions with a website or web app. The interactions are then turned into an executable automated test scenario – no coding is required. Autify then enables the user to easily run the scenario against multiple browsers, including smart devices, by simply choosing from a dropdown list. After a test scenario is created, Autify’s AI continuously maintains it by recognizing any changes to a UI and adapting testing scenarios accordingly. Autify’s AI eliminates the time-sink of fixing broken scripts – allowing teams to focus on innovation and quality.