Autify No-code Software Testing Tool Gets $10M

Autify, a vendor no-code AI-powered software testing automation platform, announced that it has raised $10M in Series A funding. Autify plans to use the new funding to accelerate global expansion and support new product development including the launch of Autify for Mobile for native app testing.

Autify is a no-code web application that allows anyone to easily create, execute, and automate software test scenarios without programming knowledge or automation skills. Autify, launched in 2019, is already implemented at many companies and organizations in Japan and globally, including Unity, DeNA, ZOZO, Q4, and other customers. With the newly announced launch of Autify for Mobile, Autify now officially has the widest range of solutions by application and user type.

“With 75% of companies globally still manually performing software development tests, Autify is hoping to disrupt the $1.3 trillion global testing market by providing a no-code application for automated testing,” said Ryo Chikazawa, Autify Co-founder & CEO. “Autify’s three-pronged approach to automation of testing – no-code, AI-powered, and customer success – helps address the challenges that were plaguing the testing market for far too long, such as labor shortage, high maintenance cost, and technical difficulty. The best part of all this is that Autify manages to address these issues without having to sacrifice product quality at any stage of the development.”