Cypress Has Launched Test Replay Feature

Cypress test automation platform has announced the launch of its latest feature, Test Replay, which allows development teams to seamlessly time travel through test runs in Continuous Integration and interact with their applications under test, leading to faster debugging cycles and higher developer productivity.

Test Replay aims to serve as a foundational step for Cypress’s transformative evolution into application quality. Rooted in its unique and expansive data foundation, Cypress is reshaping quality standards with innovations such as interactivity coverage, ensuring all interactive elements of an application are tested and work as intended. Furthermore, Cypress has prioritized accessibility and visual regression testing. This roadmap empowers developers, designers, product managers, and engineering leadership to objectively measure and improve application quality by automatically receiving these insights as part of their existing automated test suite.

Cypress claims today to have 3,700 customers in 77 countries and 70 industries.