EuroSTAR RisingSTAR Award for Innovation in Software Testing

The RisingSTAR Award, supported by EuroSTAR Conferences, James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack, was created to stimulate innovation and encourage new ideas in the software testing industry. The RisingSTAR brings together many of the most influential testing minds as a supporting group to help develop winning ideas for the overall benefit of the industry.

This software testing award is aimed at encouraging new ideas in testing and software quality assurance. It brings together an incredible list of high profile and influential testers such as Jon Bach, Fiona Charles, Michael Bolton, Isabel Evans and many more, who will help mentor the winner to develop their idea. Entrants need to show that their idea is valuable to software makers, and relevant to software testers. The winner is chosen by this Supporting Group of influential testers who vote for the idea they like the most. They will expect to hear how your idea has been used, and how you expect to develop it further.

Sanne Visser from NS Stations in the Netherlands was the 2018 RisingSTAR winner with an idea to developing a Blockchain Framework. You can watch her video on How winning the RisingSTAR Award has made a difference.

The winner of the RisingSTAR Award will receive:
* Mentorship from more than 30 of the most influential people in testing
* A bursary provided by the RisingSTAR Supporters (mentors)
* Publicity for you as the winner and your idea
* Flights & ticket to the 2019 EuroSTAR Conference in Prague
* A platform at the 2020 EuroSTAR Conference to share your idea & progress

Learn more about the RisingSTAR Award and submit your application before 31st August 2019 on