Testcontainers’ AtomicJar Has Been Acquired by Docker

Docker has announced it has acquired AtomicJar, a company behind the popular open source project Testcontainers. Testcontainers is an open source framework that provides throwaway, lightweight instances of databases, message brokers or web browsers for mock testing on Docker.

AtomicJar is both the custodian of the Testcontainers open source software and has also delivered solutions for Testcontainers developers, including Testcontainers Desktop and Testcontainers Cloud. With Testcontainers, Docker is now even easier to use in more ways meeting developers in IDE and the languages they already use: Java, .NET, Node, Go, or Haskells without YAML or other abstractions.

Testcontainers is an open-source framework for provisioning throwaway, on-demand instances of containers for development and testing use cases. Testcontainers makes it easy to work with databases, message brokers, web browsers, or just about anything that can run in a Docker container. Testcontainers has transformed test-enabled development at leading engineering organizations like DoorDash, Spotify, Uber, and Netflix becoming the de facto standard for dev-first testing. In 2022, Testcontainers saw an increase from 50 million to 100 million in Docker Hub pulls, making it one of the fastest-growing open-source projects in the software testing category. It is currently being pulled more than 10 million times a month.

“With its support for Java, .NET, Node.js, and other programming languages together with its container-based testing automation, Testcontainers has become the de facto standard test framework for the developer’s ‘inner loop’,” said Docker CEO Scott Johnston. “Why? The result speaks for itself – Testcontainers provides a step-function improvement in both the quality and speed of application delivery. We’re excited to add their strong, complementary offering to the Docker portfolio.”