Zebrunner Launched Test Case Management and Testing Platform

Zebrunner Inc., a provider of innovative software testing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of two groundbreaking products: Zebrunner Test Case Management and Zebrunner Testing Platform. These powerful additions to Zebrunner’s suite of testing tools are set to transform the way software testing is approached and executed.

Zebrunner Test Case Management optimizes manual testing and enables effective test data management. It offers comprehensive features to streamline test case creation, organization, execution, and tracking. This intuitive solution empowers testing teams to achieve superior test coverage and reliability while fostering collaboration among team members. Building upon the success of Test Case Management, Zebrunner has created Testing Platform. This innovative solution serves as a centralized hub for both manual and automated testing activities. It enhances collaboration between teams and creates a unified testing workflow. Zebrunner Testing Platform provides seamless integration with existing testing frameworks and tools. Here are the key features and benefits of Zebrunner’s new products.

Zebrunner Test Case Management:

  • Intuitive test case creation, organization, execution, and tracking
  • Customizable test case layout to adapt to project needs
  • Enhanced collaboration and synchronization among team members
  • Efficient test data management for comprehensive coverage
  • Improved visibility and requirements traceability

Zebrunner Testing Platform:

  • Centralized hub for manual and automated testing activities
  • Unified analysis of test automation across multiple frameworks, providing comprehensive insights
  • Built-in AI/ML failure analysis for efficient bug detection and fixing
  • Improved collaboration between manual and automated testing teams
  • End-to-end traceability of all testing activities in a single place
  • Simple migration from other tools

“We are thrilled to unveil Zebrunner Test Case Management and Zebrunner Testing Platform,” said Nikita Sidorevich, CEO of Zebrunner. “These products represent our commitment to empowering software development teams with cutting-edge testing solutions that drive efficiency, enhance collaboration, and deliver superior software quality. With Zebrunner Test Case Management and Zebrunner Testing Platform, we aim to revolutionize the way testing is performed and help organizations achieve their software development goals.”


Zebrunner is a leading provider of innovative software testing solutions. With a focus on QA & test automation, Zebrunner helps teams achieve faster release cycles & reduce testing time. Zebrunner is renowned for its exceptional test analytics and reporting capabilities. With a wide array of dashboards & widgets, Zebrunner provides teams with comprehensive information. It enables them to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement in software testing. Zebrunner is headquartered in Roseville, California. Learn more at http://www.zebrunner.com.