Code Coverage as a Predictor of Test Suite Effectiveness

January 31, 2018 0

Learn about the effectiveness of coverage as a technique for evaluating quality of test suite. This presentation shows the utility of coverage by considering its correlation with mutation score, and also shows that coverage is a significant defense against bugs. It also critiques the effectiveness of mutation score as a criteria for test suite quality.

Test Coverage at Google

March 2, 2015 1

Did you ever wonder how testing at Google looks like? What tools we use to help us out and how do we measure and act on test coverage? We will briefly describe the development process at Google, then focus on use of code coverage measurement and how we use code coverage to improve code quality and engineering productivity.

Dynamic Unit Tests Generation with Easy Coverage

January 22, 2013 0

Easy Coverage is an open source framework that can dynamically generate Java unit tests to perform basic verifications. Easy Coverage is extensible and highly configurable. It can work as a standalone product or it can be used with JUnit. In his blog post, Romain Delamare explains how to dynamically generate Java unit tests with Easy Coverage.

Software Testing in The Real World

January 7, 2013 0

It is rather rare to have access to the software testing techniques used by a large project to maintain the quality of its code base. In this blog post, Jan Wloka, a member of the team behind IBM’s Rational Team Concert, presents the different techniques and tools used to control software evolution and to improve the quality of their code base.

Unit Test Results and Code Coverage for Android

November 14, 2012 0

In this blog post, Mark Prichard presents a solution on how to use Jenkins to give a “QA dashboard” view of a native Android application build. His goals were to show metrics for the results of unit test and code coverage in an Android build context on the Jenkins continuous integration system.

Python Testing: Coverage Analysis

June 6, 2011 0

This article covers the coverage analysis of Python: * Building a network management application * Installing and running coverage on your test suite * Generating an HTML report using coverage * Generating an XML report using coverage * Getting nosy with coverage

Measure Test Coverage with Cobertura

January 5, 2010 0

Cobertura is an open source tool that measures test coverage by instrumenting a code base and watching which lines of code are and are not executed as the test suite runs.

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