Top 5 Regression Testing Tools in 2019

It is difficult to maintain and evolve software systems and applications without some automated testing tools that help you to make sure the changes are not breaking the existing features. This article presents you the best regression testing tools available in 2019.

Author: Stella Murugesan, Indium Software

Regression testing is re-testing of a complete or may be the partial set of already available code to ensure that the code is working fine. Regression testing is responsible for checking that the code works fine even after modification. Today automation regression testing tools are used by the test engineers to test the application. The automated regression testing tools help to save time, cost, and efforts associated with the testing. There are so many testing tools available in the market, and it is tough to choose one to conduct the testing process.

The test engineers must have to do a lot of research to go with one or two testing tools, and they have to do so for the better testing results. But the other thing is they cannot try thousands of tools one by one. So today we are here with some of the best tools for regression testing to let you help while selecting one. Let us have a look at them and figure out which tool is suitable for your application.

1. Sahi Pro

It is considered a corporate-ready testing tool. Sahi Pro can help you to test web applications, mobile applications, Java applications, and desktop applications. In the case of the desktop application, it is capable of testing only Windows platform applications. This is the reason why this tool is on the first position in our list. The tool is very quick, and it provides accurate testing results all the time. Sahi works amazingly with agile developing environments.

• Record and parallel playback.
• IT provides Email reports.
• It has an inbuilt framework for Excel.
• It has inbuilt logging and reporting facility.
• It is equipped with accessor identification.
• It offers great scripting results.
• Require fewer efforts and time

2. Ranorex

Ranorex is pioneering automated testing software. It is also an all-in-one solution for testing web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications. This software is being used by more than 4,000 organizations due to its amazing performance. The tool is very much flexible and capable of providing the most accurate results in a very short time. This tool is recommended for those who are new in the automated testing worlds. It is codeless click and goes user-friendly interface and wizards make it easier and convenient to use.

• It has object identification facility and also capable of doing so for web modules with dynamic ID’s.
• You can perform keyword-driven and data-driven testing with this tool.
• Integrate with other tools like Jenkins, Testrail, Jira, Git, and many more.
• It allows customizing the test reports with video reporting of test cases. You can check the test run without conducting re-run.
• It has built-in Selenium Webdriver support.

3. Selenium

Selenium is basically a set of open source tools to perform automated regression testing. Every available tool follows a different approach to test the applications. This is a complete suite of tools which offers you a fantastic automated regression testing experience. The web drives of the tools can be used to build robust and browser friendly automated testing results. With the set of all tools, this tool is considered as one of the best tools of all automation regression testing tools.

• It supports multi-platform environment.
• It is compatible with all languages, operating systems, and other frameworks.
• Support frequent regression testing.
• Suitable to test websites only.

4. Watir

Web application testing in ruby is the full form of Watir. The tool is to use to test the applications made for Ruby platform. It helps you to write and test the code which can be easy to read and maintain. Ruby is a platform which can run many applications made on different platforms and languages. It can be used as an automated regression testing suite for ruby. The tool can also help the test engineers to ensure that the application is ruby platform friendly.

Watir regression testing example
Watir code example. Source:

• The tool is very light and easy to use.
• It has an amazing browser interaction features.
• You can conduct easy, simple, complex, readable automated tests with the help of this tool.
• The tool can support multiple domains at one time.
• It has an inbuilt test recorder.
• Many big organizations like SAP, Oracle, Facebook, etc. are using this tool.

5. TestComplete

TestComplete allows performing regression testing quickly and easily. The tool is also known as a defect tracking tool. Because it basically allows for finding hidden defects or errors or faults available in the application. It supports cross testing platform and also suitable for web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications. This tool is good for those applications which need full application test again and again.

• It records the testing process from start to end.
• It supports Database testing.
• Execute automation testing for all languages and platforms.
• Visualize the test cases and results.
• Helps to construct object name mapping.
• Perform object-driven testing.
• Help to perform keyword-driven testing
• Helps to develop custom extensions.


There are numerous tools available in the world of automated regression testing. But a test engineer has to use one so that he can increase the efficiency and accuracy of the application. According to our research, above-mentioned tools are best-picked tools from the pool of tools. You can easily perform basic to hard level testing operations with the help of these tools.

I would personally recommend you to choose those tools which can help you to test all types of applications like Sahi Pro tool. But yes, before choosing one, consider the requirements and objectives of the automated regression testing. Also, you have to test the tool before implementing it with the actual application. By this, you can easily judge that if the tool is suitable for your application or not.

If you know more tools which you think can fit in this list, then please mention below in the comment section. To read more about new things in the technology world, stay tuned with us.

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