How to Write Beautiful JavaScript Tests

This talk shares some experience with JavaScript tests, and show the most important patterns you can rely on to write simple, beautiful, maintainable and incredibly fast tests.

Testing JavaScript is hard. When the presenter’s team first started writing JavaScript tests they almost gave up several times. They struggled with topics such as the DOM, Ajax requests and asynchronicity. After months of practice they had written hundreds of unit and end-to-end tests. The problem was that they were slowing down. Their tests had become a burden. They were complex, difficult to understand and a chore to maintain. They realised that tests can be a hinderance if not handled properly.

Gradually, through experimentation and trial-and-error they got better. The same way you need to learn how to build large-scale JavaScript applications, you need to learn how to write maintainable, beautiful tests for them. Sadly, there are few good resources for JavaScript developers on the topic.

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