Lessons from Testing Browsers with WebDriver

Web-platform-tests is a large test suite used with WebDriver to ensure browsers stay compliant to web standards and in doing so remain interoperable. Along with being run in most browsers as part of their continuous integration (CI) system, we run the whole test suite over a dozen times a day to provide a public dashboard for both those working on browsers and those more generally working on standards.

Running such a large test suite, we have inevitably run into many problems web developers often hit when writing tests using Selenium WebDriver. We have often fought against flakiness (from our Python code calling WebDriver, from JS code running in the browser, and from browser bugs causing them to be inconsistent) as well as against browsers changing under us. With this talk, you should gain a good understanding of how to tackle these test automation issues and be able to apply them to your own tests.

Video producer: http://seleniumconf.co.uk/

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