Mindmap Driven Testing

Software testers are expected to come up with a lot of test artifacts during the process of software testing. The traditional test artifacts are time-intensive, bulky and their structure do not support the agile approach of software development. When working in an agile environment, software testers work in highly compressed test execution cycles.

According to “State of Testing 2017” – There is a notable jump from 51% to 63% for testers that are handling documentation. Overall, we continue to see a constant increase in the amount of formal software testing documentation written. But are these documents adding value? Not really. Most of the test documents created go out of date very quickly as they cannot embrace change and it is a huge effort to update them. If testers spend too much time in documentation, they might end up having very little time to do actual testing. Documentation is NOT testing but rather a chief distraction in software testing. This talk focuses on leveraging smart techniques like mind maps to create lean test artifacts. You will discover how lean test artifacts created using mind maps can save a tremendous amount of time involved in test documentation. You will learn how to reduce waste by avoiding extensive formats for test documentation at the same time trigger creative thoughts to come up with awesome test ideas that will uncover more defects. The presentation dives deeply into every stage of agile testing and how mind maps can add value.

Video producer: Test Masters Academy