Test Automation in the World of Projects

The world of a software house is a constant search for compromise between quality and costs. In many cases, the cost-cutting starts from the test automation. Then you start to talk about ROI but recognize that numbers are not on your side. We were there and what we have found out is that only a complete change in our approach allows us to find common ground with our clients.

Are you surprised that success automatically generates new challenges, which we further translate into opportunities? We had to reconsider our approach to the test automation environment, internal frameworks and the way we share them between projects, including code ownership, … And again, one simple but unobvious solution allows us to both deliver what we promise and to earn more on our projects.​ As we have been reshaping our approach to the test automation, we had to change the way of delivery too. One of the main decisions was to skip out the role of test automation engineer (or software developer in test). We decided to go with the whole team approach, which is consistent with the way we sell it. ​

Video producer: https://seleniumconf.in/