Testing Mobile Apps With Selenium Grid 4 and Appium Together

Selenium 4 brings a brand-new Grid, full of features and great things! Selenium Grid 4 has a new flexible architecture, allowing you to run it in a fully distributed mode, in the traditional Hub/Node mode, or in the simple Standalone more. It has built in observability and GraphQL endpoints, and even a nice UI.

Selenium Grid allows the execution of WebDriver scripts on remote machines (virtual or real) by routing commands sent by the client to remote browser instances. It aims to provide an easy way to run tests in parallel on multiple machines. Selenium Grid allows you to run tests in parallel on multiple machines, and to manage different browser versions and browser configurations centrally (instead of in each individual test).

This presentation demonstrates how Appium can be used with Selenium Grid 4 to scale up your mobile testing. More in detail, it will:
– Give an overview of how Grid 4 works
– Show how to configure Grid 4 to make it work with Appium
– Share tips to migrate from Selenium Grid 3 to Grid 4

Video producer: https://appiumconf.com/