Webdriver Connector for Botium Conversational UI Testing Tool

Botium is a quality assurance framework for testing and training conversational AI. This presentation covers the Selenium driver for Botium to automate E2E tests on Web UI and mobile along with testing strategy, testing NLP models and automating these tests to the CI/CD build pipelines with a DialogFlow based ‘Coffee-Shop bot’ as an example during the demo.

Last year was dominated by the smart devices and voice based home assistants. These use the conversational interfaces unlike other applications to interact, built using advanced algorithms, ranging from natural language processing to AI/ML techniques. They are constantly learning by themselves improving the interactions with the user bringing up the challenge of non-deterministic output. To such interfaces, natural language is the input. We humans love having alternatives and love our synonyms, express using emojis gifs and pictures. Testing in this context moves to clouds of probabilities. Unfortunately Selenium cannot be used to automate such systems and hence Botium was designed.

Video producer: https://seleniumconf.in/