What Managers Think They Know about Test Automation

Managers play a critical role in the success or failure of test automation. Although most testers and some test managers have a realistic view of what automation can and cannot do, many senior managers have firm ideas about automation that are misguided—or downright wrong.

Dorothy Graham outlines five common management misconceptions and explores ways you can ensure that your executives and managers develop realistic goals and plans for automation. Join Dot to learn why measurements against realistic objectives are critical for success, and how to measure and explain automation return on investment (ROI) calculations. She offers advice on where test automation fits into agile and non-agile development and the critical aspect of staffing and infrastructure. Identifying early indications of problems in test automation efforts, Dot offers advice for how to quickly get your efforts back on track for good. Even with strong management support, test automation is doomed to fail and guaranteed to waste time and money unless managers have sufficient knowledge of critical issues and a true grasp of how to set realistic goals and objectives.

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