Your Everyday Software Tester

As a software tester, inspiration could come from anywhere and everywhere. As we navigate through life, we do so in a way that test the limits of our abilities. Questions I have asked myself in the past are, “Can I make it to work on time if I leave now?”, “What happens if I use baking soda instead of baking powder?”, and on days when I am feeling especially strong, “Can I deadlift 200lbs?”. All of these questions require exploration to get to a large degree of certainty. Opportunities in my daily life have inspired me to ask these questions, however it is only when I put them to the test that I get any answers.

The same goes for software testing! Items within my daily work inspire me as a software tester. Seeing software for its possibilities, and testing it for its limits help me define degrees of certainty. If we curate software testing with as much curiosity as we explore this world we live in, we will find that a lot more of what we do in real life inspires possibilities when exploring software.

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