German Testing Day, Frankfurt am Main,, Germany, May 23-24 2023

The German Testing Day is a conference dedicated to software testing that takes place in Frankfurt am Main. Most of the talks are in German, but there are also some presentations in English. There will be a night session the evening before the main conference day and a tutorial day on the last day.

In the agenda of the German Testing Day you can find topics like “Driving Lessons for Test Automators”, “Cross-team Pair Testing: Lessons of a Testing Traveler”, “Better, Faster, Stronger – Delivering High Quality Products”, “Improving Test Run Time moving to AWS Lambda”, “Testers Shape and Influence the Conversation”, “Onboarding Test Engineers”, “Team-Driven Microservice Quality Assurance”, “Test Design Patterns in Practice – an Experience Report”, “Quality Analysts as the driving force towards continuous deployments”, “Use Model-based Test Techniques to Mistake-Proof Your Agile Process”, “Automated Tests in the Cloud”, “Case studies in Solving Constraints for Agile and Continuous Delivery using Service Virtualization”, “TestOps – More effective and efficient tests in large-scale projects through technical autonomy in test environments” or “State-Driven Testing – State Diagrams, Test Cases, Graph Theory”.

Web site for German Testing Day conference:

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