STAREAST, Orlando, Florida, April 29 – May 4 2018

STAREAST is a conference for software testers and quality assurance professionals. It presents up-to-date information, tools, and technologies available in the software testing domain today. You will be able to attend conference presentations and half- or full-day tutorials.

In the agenda of STAREAST you can find topics like “Better Test Design for Great Test Automation”, “Implement BDD with Cucumber and SpecFlow”, “Influence Diagrams: A New Way to Understand Testing”, “Building Your Mobile App Quality and Test Strategy”, “Applying Emotional Intelligence in Your Testing”, “Migrating from Test Cases to Real-World Telemetry Measures”, “AI-Driven Testing as a Service: Fad, Fiction, or Future?”, “Continuous Testing vs. Test Automation: Three Key Differences”, “Test Automation Strategies for the Agile World”, “A Rapid Introduction to Rapid Software Testing”, “What Testers Must Know about Git and GitHub”, “Selenium Test Automation: From the Ground Up”, “End-to-End Testing with the Heuristic Software Test Model”, “The Challenges of BIG Testing: Automation, Virtualization, Outsourcing, and More”, “A Rapid Introduction to Rapid Software Testing”, “Measurement and Metrics for Test Managers”, “Applying Emotional Intelligence to Testing”, “Application Performance Testing: A Simplified Universal Approach”, “Selenium Test Automation: From the Ground Up”, “Common System and Software Testing Pitfalls”, “Static Testing: We Know It Works, So Why Don’t We Use It?”, “Improve Your Test Process from the Bottom Up”, “Testing as a Service (TaaS): A Solution to Hard Testing Problems”.

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