Software Testing Multiple Mobile Devices with Adobe Shadow

Adobe® Shadow is a new inspection and preview tool, currently in a preview release, that allows front-end web developers and designers to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining the preview process, making it easier to customize websites for mobile devices.

When you building a mobile website, you know that testing and debugging across multiple devices can be cumbersome and, at times, downright painful. Adobe Shadow helps resolve this by giving you the ability to easily control browsing across multiple devices. This article covers how to set up Shadow on your desktop and your devices and then discusses some of its capabilities as well as some of its current limitations. It will show you how much Adobe Shadow improves testing browser-based applications on devices. If you are building web applications that need to be tested on multiple devices, then there is absolutely no reason I can see why you wouldn’t immediately add Adobe Shadow to your toolset. It is easy to set up, it is easy to use and most importantly, it will save you time and potential frustration.