Test Case Point Analysis

Software testing productivity is usually computed as the amount of testing over the effort spent for testing, but it may not be accurately measured using these size metrics. To address this issue, this article presents a new approach to estimate the software testing effort. The sizing method is called Test Case Point Analysis (TCPA).

Test Case Point Analysis measures the size of the test case, the core item that testers create and use when performing software test execution. The size of a test case is evaluated using four elements of test case complexity, including checkpoint, precondition, data, and type of the test case. The TCPA uses test cases as input and generates the Test Case Point count for the test cases being measured. The complexity of the test case is based on four elements: checkpoint, precondition, test data, and types of test case. By measuring these four elements, this approach assumes that the complexity is centred at these elements.

Read the complete article on http://www-scf.usc.edu/~nguyenvu/papers/TR-TCPA-01-2012.pdf