Cerberus Testing 4.13 Supports Shadow DOM

Cerberus Testing 4.13 open source software testing tools provides a series of new features and improvements to continuously improve your test automation journey. This release brings you new capabilities from shadow DOM support to events hooks and connectors.

Ensuring stable test automation is already complex with unstable locators. But shadow DOM ones are even not accessible. These locators are not present in the main document DOM; they are a subtree of elements dynamically rendered. The support for shadow DOM enables you to test applications using such dynamic locator generation, such as Salesforce. You can still combine these locators with the rest of the framework leveraging the objects, test or data library.

Cerberus Testing is the 100% open-source test automation framework collaboratively developed since 2013. It provides a reusable solution to automate web, mobile, APIs, desktop, and even database testing. Its mission is to accelerate your test automation journey by supporting your quality initiatives. The community roadmap focuses on adding the most wanted use-cases and provides easier on-boarding through APIs and user-oriented documentation.

More info on this release: https://cerberus-testing.medium.com/look-what-you-can-unlock-with-cerberus-testing-4-13-cddfdda18901