QA Wolf Claims Zero-Effort Automated QA Platform

QA Wolf, a software testing platform that claims zero-effort automated QA, has raised $20.1 million led by Inspired Capital, alongside Notation Capital, CoFound, and top technology founders and operators including Sahil Lavingia, Peter Thiel, Naval Ravikant, and Austen Allred.

QA Wolf was founded in 2019 by Jon Perl, Laura Cressman, and Scott Wilson to help development teams ship confidently. As software developers working in high-stakes industries like healthtech, the company’s founders know firsthand how critical robust end-to-end testing is for all software businesses. QA Wolf has pioneered the category of “test coverage as a service,” combining its technology with in-house QA experts to get customers to 80% test coverage in under 4 months. With this funding, QA Wolf will continue to scale its team, with a focus on go-to-market talent, while also expanding its product experience.

QA Wolf claims to provides zero-effort automated QA at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. QA Wolf’s gets its customers to 80% end-to-end test coverage in under 4 months— and keeps them there—with its unique combination of technology and in-house QA experts. By guaranteeing high test coverage, QA Wolf helps teams release faster and catch bugs before their customers do. Founded in 2019, QA Wolf has raised over $20 million to date