Tricentis Buys Tx3 Digital Life Sciences Validation Platform

Tricentis, a provider of test automation for modern cloud and enterprise applications, has announced the acquisition of Tx3 Services, a provider of automated quality and compliance software testing solutions for life sciences companies. Building upon Tricentis’ AI-powered continuous testing platform, the addition of Tx3 provides increased capabilities to address the unique needs of the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Ensuring compliance with the many regulatory requirements across the healthcare and life sciences landscape is a complex and critical task. Many organizations in this space, however, have not yet modernized their software testing and still rely on a manual, document-centric approach for validation. Tx3 enables life sciences companies to automate computer systems validation and assurance processes, helping IT teams improve consistency, add efficiencies, and modernize regulatory compliance while lowering risk. Digital validation with Tx3 is based on agile principles and designed to help organizations accelerate compliance processes and certification by tightly integrating with software quality, testing, and DevOps tools.

“We have enjoyed a strong partnership with Tricentis for many years, and we look forward to officially becoming part of the Tricentis family with this acquisition,” said Jason Tepfenhardt, CEO at Tx3 Services. “The combination of Tricentis and Tx3 will now enable even further integration and greater innovation as we continue to deliver products to help life sciences companies accelerate software testing, increase efficiency, and reduce risk.”