Articles, tutorials, videos and tools to perform exploratory software testing in an Agile testing context.

Software Testing Mind Maps

October 5, 2015 0

TestInsane Technologies has created a repository of software testing mind maps. A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. It is often created around a single concept to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added. Major ideas are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those.

Exploratory Testing with Testnote

August 25, 2015 2 is a free hosted application that provides simple note taking assistance for exploratory testing. You can record the actions, questions, ideas and bugs that arise during your software testing explorations and export them in different formats.

Changing Team Mindsets to Adopt Exploratory Testing

July 20, 2015 3

Exploratory testing is a concept of software testing where the tester combines application learning, test design and test execution in the same activity. This approach can showcase the results that a skilled tester can provide with manual tests. In this article, Kimberly A. Stockett provides three key approaches about how to change the attitudes of your software development team to adopt exploratory testing.

Test Automation Doesn’t Mean You Need Less Testers

March 16, 2015 0

It’s commonly said that Test Automation means you need less testers on the team, it speeds up the testing process and allows more time for Exploratory Testing. In this talk Richard shares his critique of these common outcomes by calling upon his experiences of working in and managing teams where Automation has played a crucial part in the testing approach and has been used to great effect; but hasn’t resulted in the above outcomes.

Exploratory Testing with Bug Magnet

January 13, 2015 0

Bug Magnet is an open source Chrome extension that provides an easy access to common software testing problematic values and edge cases. You will be able to access them easily during exploratory testing sessions so that you can fill the tested fields with a chosen value. A Firefox equivalent has also been developed.

Misconceptions About Software Testing

July 11, 2013 0

Answering an article saying that you cannot use exploratory testing in Agile, Huib Schoots tries to explain what exploratory testing is and why it is suitable to perform this activity in an Agile context.

Adventures in Exploratory Software Testing

May 22, 2013 0

Exploratory testing is an approach to software testing that is defined as doing in the same activity application learning, test cases and test design and execution. In this article, Martin Jansson and Greger Nolmark propose to perform exploratory testing using a storytelling game format. This is a game where two or more persons collaborate on telling a spontaneous story.

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