Articles, tutorials, videos and tools to perform exploratory software testing in an Agile testing context.

Misconceptions About Software Testing

July 11, 2013 0

Answering an article saying that you cannot use exploratory testing in Agile, Huib Schoots tries to explain what exploratory testing is and why it is suitable to perform this activity in an Agile context.

Adventures in Exploratory Software Testing

May 22, 2013 0

Exploratory testing is an approach to software testing that is defined as doing in the same activity application learning, test cases and test design and execution. In this article, Martin Jansson and Greger Nolmark propose to perform exploratory testing using a storytelling game format. This is a game where two or more persons collaborate on telling a spontaneous story.

Managing Exploratory Software Testing

September 10, 2012 1

Learn the pros and cons of typical ways that teams manage exploratory testing, from stealth work and bug hunts through to spread bets and timeboxing. This video also explores some possible alternatives, taking inspiration from machine learning, lean approaches and from other industries who find value in exploration.

Team Leadership with Context-Driven Exploratory Testing

July 9, 2012 0

What’s the effect of exploratory software testing on a Team? What effect the practice has on their leader? Shmuel Gershon team experience in user centered Context-Driven projects made them realize that more than technical practice, it calls for change in leadership style and interactions.

Large Scale Exploratory Testing

July 2, 2012 0

Manual testing is the best way to find the bugs most likely to bite users badly after a product ships. However, manual testing remains a very ad hoc, aimless process. At a number of companies across the globe, groups of test innovators gathered in think tank settings to create a better way to do manual testing – a way that is more prescriptive, repeatable, and capable of finding the highest quality bugs. The result is a new methodology for exploratory testing based on the concept of tours through the application under test.

Software Testing as an Art

March 21, 2012 1

Art and testing may look like an odd couple. True, Glenford Myers combined both in his book “The Art of Software Testing”, but the art in there was strictly limited to the title page, since the term isn’t even mentioned once throughout the whole book. It referred to skill and mastery, of course, not to an aesthetic experience.

Exploratory Testing Rolling Strategy Dice

November 22, 2011 0

Exploratory testing is a software testing technique that combines simultaneous learning, test design and test execution. Shmuel Gershon has proposed two dices that allows to bring a little bit of fun to any exploratory testing session. One dice includes the six Product Elements from James Bach and the other twelve Quality Characteristics from The Test Eye team. Each combination of these two dices provides a new angle for testing an application. For those who are allergic to origami and don’t want to build their own dices, an online version exists that will roll them for you.

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