Well Tested Software

Software Testing is hard. Realistic testing of web applications in a real browser is even harder. In this video, Gleb Bahmutov shows you how to quickly test any web application using cutting-edge tools. Then you will see how to build high-quality software from individual modules using appropriate tools and creating an environment where bugs can be discovered immediately and fixed quickly. This session provides tremendous value for anyone programming in JavaScript or building modern web applications.

You will learn how to:
* How to write realistic end-to-end tests for any web application
* How to run your tests quickly in several environments: local, staging, production
* What is the ratio between unit and end-to-end tests
* The role of code coverage, and how it might be misleading

Video producer: http://oredev.org/
Session slides: https://slides.com/bahmutov/well-tested-software#/