UKSTAR Software Testing Conference, London, March 11-12 2019

The UKSTAR Software Testing Conference is a software testing event taking place in London and aimed at software testing professionals. This conference wants to offers an experience of introspection and forward-thinking for software testing professionals to renew their determination and passion to advance the software testing role.

In the agenda of the UKSTAR Software Testing Conference you can find topics like “Bulk Testing and Visualisation”, “Test Automation Patterns: Management”, “Gatling – Tales from a Journey”, “The Tester Co-dependency Problem, The Psychology of Testing”, “Testing anything, anytime with containerized service virtualization”, “Changing software delivery culture through test assurance and learning frameworks”, “Experiences from the Software Testing Clinic”, “UX – What About TX for Test Automation?”, “Focus on Testing Value First Before Correctness”, “Moving Into Software Management Gave Me a Different View of Testing”, “The Reality of Testing In an Artificial World”, “What To Look For in a Test Automation Tool”, “Ignite Security Testing Practice in Your Team”, “A Wearable Test Story: Testing the Human Experience”.

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