Test Case Generation Approach for SOAP Web

SOA Web services are now supported by most of major software development companies and industry. To be reliable, these ones require to be developed with respect to a complete software development life cycle and, in particular, they need to be tested. Test purpose-based methods are black box testing techniques which take advantage of reducing the time required for test derivation in comparison with exhaustive methods.

Nevertheless, test purposes must be constructed manually. This article proposes some test purpose generation methods for SOAP Web services, modelled by Symbolic Transition Systems (STS). Prior to generate test purposes, we augment the specification with the SOAP environment, to benefit from the messages generated by SOAP processors which give new information about the operations and the faults received. Then, we describe the test case generation from test purposes by synchronizing them with the specification. Test cases are finally translated into XML to be used later by the Soapui tool.